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1. Standard Colonic Session

Includes 45 - 55 minutes of colon irrigation with double filtered and UV sterilized water.  In the middle or toward the end of the colonic we will also apply a separate enema type implant with organic chlorophyll and electrolytes. Specific abdominal massage is applied throughout the procedure. 

Price per single session: $ 95.00
Packages - Standard Colonic Sessions
3 Sessions $90.00 each, $270.00 in total
6 Sessions $85.00 each, $510.00 in total

2.  Deluxe Colonic Session

Before your standard colonic session enjoy 30 minutes of combined vitaflex foot massage – abdominal massage and stretching which gently stimulates and prepares your colon for optimal elimination. Specific therapeutic oils are used in this treatment.

Price per single session: $130.00
Packages - Deluxe Colonic Session
3 Sessions $125.00 each, $375.00 in Total
6 Sessions $120.00 each, $720.00 in Total

3.  Raindrop Technique

A variety of pure therapeutic grade essential oils are applied along the spine reflex points of the feet and along the spine itself.  Specific massage techniques are being used to help the body absorb the oils so they can clean out various toxins that tend to accumulate along the spine.  The oils used are determined by your health history or muscle testing.  Allow 1¼ hours. 

Price: $ 110.00





4. Wellness Counseling

Counseling sessions with Tinesja, the head therapist, director of the center and head educational instructor.  Coaching you to look deeper into your health history, situation, and goals to develop your individual cleansing regimen and health enhancing lifestyle changes.    

Price: $ 50 per half hour

5.  As a client of our Center you are entitled to attend our free monthly Essential Health Education Seminars and bi-monthly cooking classes.  Sign up with your therapist if you like to receive our once a month invitations


6.  Relaxation Massage

Receive a high quality relaxation massage by a recent massage therapy college graduate. Because she's pending registration in May, she is able to offer relaxation massage as a non-registrant for a highly discounted price.

Price: $ 50.00

First Visit Consultation

The first time you see us, there is a complimentary 15 minute consultation session before any of the above treatments.

Method of Payment 

Cheques, Cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover.
No Debit, thank you!

Please apply 5% GST to all of the above prices.

Cancellation Policy

Please note, as a professional office we require 24 hours cancellation notification.  If less than 24 hours notice are given, the full price of the appointment will become due.  Thank you for your understanding.